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Buying canned wine as a question of convenience and quality

Comprar vino en lata, cuestión de comodidad y calidad

There are many times to drink wine, but what about ways to drink wine?

Canned wines, an alternative more than accepted to drink wine, have been around for a long time but surely you haven't thought about the reason why or the moments to drink it.

At Vallformosa we are committed to innovation, quality and the environment. That' s why we have I'MPERFECT; a vegan, organic and canned wine to drink wherever, however and with anyone you want.

But why buy canned wine?

Because canned wine will get you out of more than one hurry

Canned wine in 250ml. size gives us a lot of advantages. This size barely takes up any space, making it much easier and more comfortable carrying it around. Ideal for individual serving; a glass with an extra plus because it cools faster than conventional bottles. We know... all these advantages are taking you to an improvised midday vermouth or a day at the beach and boat with your friends, the ideal moment to try our Imperfect Rosé Ecologic canned wine.

In addition, canned wine has an excellent preservation without any residual taste of metal to keep the qualities and properties required by a premium wine. And not just wine. The cans can contain different kinds of wine, including sparkling wines like our I'MPERFECT Brut Organic, or the healthy and alcohol free alternative, a sparkling wine without alcohol that is one of our bestsellers called I'MPERFECT 0.0%. Can you imagine yourself making a toast at the mountain with a cool sparkling wine watching the sunset?. With our canned wine you can do it even if you have gone trekking or pedaling with your bike thanks to this alcohol-free option.

Because buying canned wine is a more sustainable option

In case you are still not convinced, canned wine is not only a more comfortable and informal way to drink wine, but it is also a more sustainable option contributing and respecting the environment.

The cans of our Imperfect Rosé, Brut, y 0,0%, are 100% recyclable. In addition, by taking up less space, they reduce the impact of the carbon footprint during transportation. Not only that, they also contribute to reduce the number of containers full of glasses which have much lower recycling rates.

In short, I'MPERFECT is a different, comfortable, portable, original, sustainable and why not, a little more informal way of drinking wine. To drink on the beach or in the snow, sailing or après-ski, at a barbecue with friends or watching soccer with colleagues, at a high-class dinner or a picnic, watching a sunset or watching your favorite series after a long working day... How, when and with anyone you want, with I'MPERFECT you set the rules!