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Did you know that not all wines and sparklings are vegan?!

Por qué no todos los vinos y espumosos son veganos

At Vallformosa we are proud to say that all our wines and sparkling wines are vegan. Duh! How can they not be vegan if they are made from grapes?! Alas, my friend, nothing is as it seems and not all wines and sparkling wines on the market are made solely from grapes.

There are many -more than you think- wines and cavas (and champagne and prosecco, too) that contain additives of animal origin. The most common is egg white, which is used to give the drink a more transparent appearance. This ingredient is not only used in the wine sector, but other alcoholic beverages, such as beer, incorporate egg white in their ingredients.

So now what?! If you are vegan and wish to continue enjoying a good wine or sparkling wine or simply if you just want to buy and drink what you think a glass of cava or wine should be, that is all natural and without additives of animal origin, you should look for the official seal that certifies that your product is vegan. All Vallformosa wines and sparklings have this seal on their back so rest assured: all our wines and sparklings are vegan.  

At Vallformosa we are committed to quality and excellence and to the territory and the people who make our products possible. That is why, for many years now, we decided to create the Vallformosa Club to take care of our suppliers and be in contact with them throughout the process. Thus, we guarantee the traceability of all our products, from the grape to the must, which we make 100% in-house (while others buy the must and even the grapes overseas). And not only that, our commitment goes far beyond local and sustainable productionLearn more about our commitment here.