Environmental Policy

Vilobí del Penedès, 13th November 2023

Masía Vallformosa SL understands and is aware of the environmental impacts derived from its activity, as well as of the importance of preserving the Environment, and commits to:

1. Apply and comply with the applicable legal requirements, and with all other requirements that the organisation subscribes to related to environmental aspects, trying, as far as possible, to go beyond the limits established by these requirements. 

2. Prevent any type of environmental pollution that may be generated by the organisation, use resources sustainably, reduce and valorize waste and mitigate and adapt to climate change. 

3. Establish annual Environmental Objectives and Goals with the purpose of the way it interacts with the Environment, following the evolution of such objectives and periodically evaluating them to ensure compliance. 

4. Raise awareness and train the staff members to prevent and minimise any type of contamination derived from its activity.  

5. Communicate to its suppliers and contractors the commitments undertaken related to the environment, and to inform its clients about the established environmental guidelines. 

6. Work and strive to continuously improve its environmental policy.

Marta Vidal
CEO Vallformosa