April 20, 2021


Vallformosa is a benchmark of global quality. Its products allow us to enjoy life, every day. Innovation from the origin point with the will to transform the wine world.


Vallformosa works continuously to obtain the highest quality of its products with respect for its environment and with specific actions to improve the environment. People and their history are values that define the company's personality.

Continuously improve production processes, support activities and the competence of its staff with the aim of improving the quality of products and ensuring their food safety.

This Quality Policy describes the company's food safety culture, defining the company's values, helping the organisation and its employees to prevent and detect deviations in any part of the process that could affect the safety, quality and legality of its products.

Contribute to the progress of its environment through socially responsible actions.

To reduce the use of natural resources such as water and electricity and to prevent pollution such as waste generation in order to preserve sustainability.

To create value through the history of the winery itself, but also of our customers and suppliers.

To improve the well-being of the people who carry out their responsibilities within the company. We do this through respect, trust and motivation.

Customer focus:
Vallformosa is a company that is approachable and accessible to all its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, collaborators and consumers). Its brands are communicated through authentic and fun experiences.

To promote and enhance the work of the winegrowers. They are the origin of the elaboration of wines and wineries and that is why the root suppliers are the main value of the company.

To be a company that is close and accessible to everyone, using every channel of communication, whether in person or not.

Creation of brands and products with personality, designed to appeal to their target audience.

Generate fun experiences around brands and their products.

Capture and generate new knowledge (ideas, initiatives, proposals for improvement and innovation) and transform it into new processes, organisational models, products, services and business models.

Creation of continuous improvement proposals in all Vallformosa's processes.

Promote the creation of new ideas in order to create incremental and disruptive innovation projects.

For all these reasons, the Vallformosa Management is committed to:

1. Continuously improve production processes, support activities and the skills of its staff with the aim of improving food safety and product quality, reducing the use of natural resources such as water and electricity and preventing pollution such as waste generation in order to preserve sustainability.

2. Design processes that reduce the risks in terms of food safety in our products and evaluate in advance the food, legal, authenticity, etc. risks at all stages of our production processes.

3. Ensure that the commercial force of the organisation captures, understands and communicates internally the specific needs of current and potential customers, and use this as a basis for defining the portfolio of products and services.

4. Encourage the participation of all the organisation's staff in improving food safety and product quality, in improving working conditions and in improving environmental performance.

5. Improve the systems of control and monitoring of environmental aspects, as well as of food safety and product quality standards.

6. Communicate to suppliers the commitments acquired with regard to the environment, food safety and quality. Assess the implementation of certified environmental, food safety or quality management systems in their selection or maintenance.

7. To be an example to follow in the fulfilment of environmental prevention measures, quality and food safety standards.Vallformosa és un referent de qualitat global. Els seus productes permeten gaudir de la vida, cada dia. Innoven des de l’origen amb la voluntat de transformar el món vinícola.