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Bonding lives…Magically


“To celebrate the good & important moments in life.”

Solo Vida Reserva, a premium sparkling wine is made with the finest quality grapes and cared for with love – a beautiful alliance between people and nature, vineyard and winegrowers, resulting in a unique gift from Mother Earth.

This unique experience, bottled with an unequalled eye for detail is meant to be shared to stimulate all senses.


I.Unique & Elegant bottle design

II. Solo Vida Reserva

A pleasure for the eye.

Pale yellow color with green reflections.

A blessing to the nose.

Intense, elegant and complex aroma. Notes of white fruit such as apple and pear, and hints of citrus that mix with floral notes and light aromas of aging, elegant and complex.

A feast on the palate.

In the mouth it is fruity, unctuous, dry and fresh at the same time, with a pleasant, lively and complex palate finish. Very soft and creamy carbonic with a long and persistent finish, with a very balanced acidity.

Serving recommendations.

Ideal with appetizers, smoked fish and seafood and non-ending parties. Serve at 5-6ºC with the music as loud as possible.

Designed to be refined.

Made to be shared.

Meant to be celebrated.

Cultivated 500 metres above Sea Level

Cultivated at 500 meters above sea level, the harvesting of the grapes, including their conditioning and transport to the production cellars, is fulfilled with great care and efficiency to obtain the grape must swiftly.

Cared for
with Love

The traditional production process of Solo Vida is slow and magical as Solo Vida Reserva has a minimum aging of 18 months. It’s also entirely manual – a true form of craftsmanship and authenticity, from harvest to labelling, cared for with love.

Made with the finest quality grapes

Solo Vida is the result of combining 4 grape varieties: Chardonnay, Macabeo, Xarel·lo and Parellada – all of them come from old vineyards that guarantee the excellence of their fruits and complement each other to result in a sparkling wine with its own personality.

III. Heritage & Tradition

The Solo Vida vineyards are a sacred place, a hidden gem, far away from daily lives. Nature embraced these beautiful vineyards in the mountains for centuries, a mysterious 10th century castle full of old stories oversees the growth of the grapes year after year.

Next to the purest nature, family tradition lies at the core of the Solo Vida vineyards. Old documents show that the first farmhouse was built around 1358 and descendants are still guarding the old family traditions of growing & harvesting the most precious grapes.

Unique in the world is a long-standing alliance between 35 different viticultural families living in the +500 area.
Generations ago a pact was made between them to treat all vineyards in the +500 area with the same principles, respect and passion.

Today, more than ever, this place is a secret symbol for ecology & unity and should be cherished.

The combination of nature, altitude, sunshine and traditions make the Solo Vida vineyards one of the most unique vineyards in the world.

Not only the Solo Vida bottle itself is a piece of art, it is also clear each drop of Solo Vida is something truly special.