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The new wine and bubbles world is imperfect.


The new wine and bubbles world is imperfect.



I'MPERFECT rosé is an organic and ecological wine with bright reflections that show its youth and freshness. It has a smooth and soft entry and immediately shows notes of strawberry and cherry, giving a pleasing and fruity character.

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A sparkling wine in a can? Yes! And organic, ecological and vegan. With I'MPERFECT you set the rules. Because you don't have to be a sommelier to enjoy some good bubbles. Celebrate wherever, however and with whomever you want.

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I'MPERFECT 0.0% is the perfect choice for those who want to celebrate without alcohol and take care of themselves without giving up bubbles. Acidic, fresh and with notes of white and tropical fruit, it is elegant, balanced and fully #beBubble.

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Producto añadido

Why canned?

- It' s an excellent way to preserve wine and sparkling wines.

- It leaves no residual flavor

- And they cool faster! To drink whenever you want.

- They are also more environmentally friendly:

- By taking up less space, they reduce the carbon footprint impact during transport.

-And they are fully recyclable!

- Easier to carry. To celebrate wherever you want.

- They have the perfect size for individual serving: one glass and an extra.


Why wait for big occasions to cheers? Leave the posh events and crystal balls to the Bridgertons for their Netflix dates. The real world is imperfect and that's how we like to celebrate it. In our own way, free and #beBubble!



Don't follow the rules... Follow our social networks! Join the I'MPERFECT movement and challenge the established norms. Let them not tell you how, when and where to celebrate.

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